2022 Annual General Meeting

On 17 September 2022, Healing of Memories Luxembourg held its ordinary Annual General
Meeting in Luxembourg city.

The meeting opened with an account of the
10-day facilitator training session held in Cotonou in July 2022, which was the opening event of a renewable 5-year programme.

This major project for the promotion and development of healing of memories in francophone Africa is run jointly by the Institute for Healing of Memories (South Africa) and
Healing of Memories Luxembourg, with the support of the Partage Luxembourg Foundation
as well as the financial backing of the Luxembourg Government and the Foundation of the Grand-Duke and Grand-Duchess. You will find further details on the dedicated page.


The AGM participants approved the 2021 general and financial reports and elected the new
committee. All outgoing candidates were re-elected unanimously: Angela Borges, Patrick
Byrne, Paul Chahine, Esméralda Chupin, Javier García, Marie-Christine Ries, Valdemar Santos
and Cécile Thill.

The AGM ended with a Q&A session, followed by some food and drinks to end on a lighter
and informal note.