Contributions from the Burkina Faso participants

In response to the questionnaire on the theme of collective wounds, the team of participants from Burkina Faso sent us the first results of the group’s reflections. The full text can be found at the bottom of the page.

Currently, Burkina Faso is going through an unprecedented security and humanitarian crisis, with itscorollary of millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs), victims of violence, widows and orphans, many wounded, out-of-school children…”

Muezzin, Koranic Master and Delegate of the mosque of the popular neighbourhood of Karpala
Group of young women hairdressers, with Lucienne Zoma, coordinator of the Centre for the Prevention of Violence and the Healing of Memories

“These wounds are mainly related to education, violence against women, the dehumanisation of certain widows, the killing of members of the Defence and Security Forces (FDS) and of civilians.”