The healing of memories workshop:giving it a try

What is an HOM workshop?

Each of us has a story to tell. And every story needs to be heard. Our lives have been marked by events, some of them rather painful. Childhood trauma, unfair treatment, violence, conflict, grief… Some recent events, in particular during the current Covid-19 crisis, may have brought up within us old memories and reopened old wounds.

The healing of memories workshop gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the emotional wounds which we carry, both individually and collectively (within the family, the community, the nation).
It also provides a safe space where we can tell our life story in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect. When my story is shared, acknowledged and reverenced, I can take one step towards healing personal and interpersonal wounds. There are no observers in these workshops. Everyone participates fully, including the facilitators.


will take place from 24 to 26 May 2024

(Friday 6 pm – Sunday 3 pm)

(To enrol : see below)

Getting rid of what stops us from moving forward on our life journey…

at the

85, rue du cloître,
B – 6700 Arlon


Standard rate: 150 € per person.
People with low incomes: 30 €.

However, the cost must not be an obstacle to anyone’s participation. Should it be a problem
for you, please let us know.
Conversely, should you be able to afford it, we would be grateful if you could make an
additional solidarity payment.

Should you currently be having any professional psychological treatment, we recommend that
you get the go-ahead from the person providing the treatment before enrolling for the workshop.

To enrol for our next workshop (24-26 May 2024):