Prison work

From the outset, the Luxembourg healing of memories group has worked closely with the prison chaplaincy team. During his visits to Luxembourg, Michael Lapsley has regularly visited the prison to hold conversations with groups of prisoners and lead meditations. With the support of the administration and prison staff, we were able to organise an initial healing of memories workshop for 15 inmates in 2018. This proved to be a success and was welcomed by several prison departments such as the psychiatric and socio-educational services. As a result, a second workshop was held in 2019 and we look forward to developing the project over the next few years.

Whatever crimes they may have committed, many prisoners carry with them deep wounds from their youth or more recent past. Such memories are all the more painful if there is no opportunity to share them and they keep them buried in their heart, in the loneliness of their cell. How can they free themselves of such burdens and avoid them resurfacing in a violent manner? The healing of memories workshop provides a safe space in which each participant can revisit their past, without fear of being judged, and begin a healing journey.

Interview with a participant in a prison healing-of-memories workshop