Executive Committee members

Since the Constituent General Meeting of 28 November 2020, the composition of the Executive Committee of our association has been as follows:

Patrick Byrne chairman
@: patrick.byrne@healing-memories.lu

Of French-Scottish origin; Luxembourgish since 2015.
Translator/editor at the European Parliament, retired.
Patrick met Michael Lapsley through his human rights work, having been President of the International Federation of ACAT (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) from 1998 to 2004.  On behalf of ACAT, in 2008 he invited Michael Lapsley to visit Luxembourg and thus began the healing of memories project in this country. He has been a facilitator since 2013.

Cécile Thill secretary
@: cecile.thill@healing-memories.lu

French, resident in Luxembourg since 2002.
Member of ACAT-Luxembourg since 2002; from 2008 onwards she actively followed Michael Lapsley’s visits, and then, in 2017, participated in a workshop and began her training as a facilitator.

Javier Garcia Alves – project coordination, translation and interpretation, partnerships in Europe and Canada
@: javier.garciaalves@healing-memories.lu

Spanish, resident in Luxembourg since 1986.
Translator at the European Parliament.
Javier met Michael Lapsley on his first visit to Luxembourg in 2008 and quickly became involved in the healing of memories project in Europe and elsewhere; he has been a facilitator since 2014.
Translator responsible for the Colombian (2014), Spanish (2014) and Cuban (2016) editions of Michael Lapsley’s memoir.

Esmeralda Chupin – treasurer
@: esmeralda.chupin@healing-memories.lu

Angela Borges – communication and registrations for workshops
@: workshop@healing-memories.lu 

Portuguese-Luxembourgish; born in Luxembourg to Portuguese immigrant parents.
Social worker at the CIPA (Centre Intégré pour Personnes Âgées – Integrated Centre for the Elderly).
In 2015 she attended a healing of memories workshop which changed her life.  Since then, she has been actively engaged in the healing of memories project and in 2017 began her training as a facilitator.

Paul Chahine – training, international projects in the Middle East
@: healing@healing-memories.lu

Syrian and Luxembourgish, resident in Luxembourg since 2012.
Paul took part in a healing of memories workshop in Luxembourg in 2017 as an interpreter and he then attended another workshop as a participant.  He is a member of the CLC (Christian Life Community) in Luxembourg and acts as an interpreter for the Luxembourg Red Cross.  In 2019 he began his training as a facilitator.

Marie-Christine Ries – workshops, partnerships in Luxembourg
@: healing@healing-memories.lu

Valdemar Santos – prison project, West Africa project, website
@: healing@healing-memories.lu

Of Portuguese origin, born in Mozambique and resident in Luxembourg since 2002; Luxembourgish nationality since 2016.
Prison chaplain at the prisons in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
He first experienced a healing of memories workshop in 2014, at a difficult time in his life.
He has been a facilitator since 2020.