About us

The purpose of our healing of memories group is to promote the work and methodology of the Institute for Healing of Memories (South Africa), which was founded in 1998 by Fr Michael Lapsley.

The group came into being as the result of a meeting and the friendship which ensued.  In 2008, a few of us, representing several associations, invited Michael Lapsley to Luxembourg to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  During his visit, we discovered the healing of memories process, which is intended for anyone who carries within them painful memories of the past.  Michael Lapsley has returned every year and we have walked this path with him, creating awareness of the process in Luxembourg and the neighbouring countries and providing opportunities to practise it.

Our history

On 28 November 2020 the Healing of Memories Luxembourg/Europe Support Group, which had been set up within ACAT-Luxembourg, became an independent association.

Michael Lapsley

An Anglican priest and anti-apartheid militant, who in 1990 lost both hands and an eye in a letter-bomb attack sponsored by the South African secret service.

High Patronage

Healing of Memories Luxembourg enjoys the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa.

Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Emanuele Scorcelletti


As with the IHOM, the mission of Healing of Memories Luxembourg is to accompany individuals who bear the physical, psychological, or emotional wounds of a painful past on the path towards healing and renewed wholeness.

Executive Committee

Since the Constituent General Meeting of 28 November 2020…


Within the association there are around 20 volunteers who fulfil the role of ‘facilitators’ at the workshops or who are training for this role.